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Garden Design

Contemporary courtyard garden, Hackney
Family Garden, De Beauvoir
Curvy garden, Hampstead
Roof Garden, Bow
Contemporary Garden, Muswell Hill

Each project is different, but below is a guide to how the garden design process usually works.

Initial consultation

When we meet I will talk to you about how you plan to use the space, the styles you like and your budget. I will then send you a written brief and a quotation for the design.

Site Survey

I will undertake a full survey of the site so that I can produce a scaled drawing. This will show the house, boundaries, existing features, services and trees, changes of level. It includes precise measurements needed for the implementation of the garden design, as well as an analysis of your soil. For complex sites I may recommend we bring in specialist surveyors.

Concept and master plans

From the initial brief, a 2-D concept plan is drawn up. This allows me to present to you the design ideas and the proposed areas of hard and soft landscaping, steps, water features, pergolas etc, along with possible materials. Once we have agreed on any amendments, I will draw up the master plan. This givers the precise measurements and specifications from which a contractor can cost and construct the garden. It also details any necessary tree work. It does not include the full planting design.

Planting design

The next stage is to prepare a planting design. This shows the precise location, number and spacing of every plant, both new and existing. The planting plan details how plants may be used to provide screening, or focal points, and to enhance views. Great care is taken in choosing plants that will thrive in your garden and evolve over the seasons. Combining shapes, texture and palettes of colour is a vital part of the planting design process. I will work closely with you to incorporate your tastes and preferences.

Additional drawings

For complex garden designs or bespoke features, construction drawings will be needed to ensure that the design is implemented properly.

Project supervision

I work closely with a small team of skilled specialists. I am happy to oversee the work to your garden to ensure that the design is precisely executed and finished to the highest standard.


A garden is a living thing which requires planning, care and management to keep it looking its best.
I can provide a complete aftercare service, tailored to your specific requirements, or I can help you by overseeing the garden’s progress and providing advice if you have your own gardeners or do your own gardening.